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Focus: Post/Production Taking a snapshot inside Sony Vegas Creating still images from video footage and using them in your Vegas projects is a helpful technique to know
By Jeffrey P. Fisher One of my Vegas trainees recently asked me how to create a still frame from video and make it look as if a snapshot had been taken, complete with a flash going off. After writing instructions in an e-mail, I realized the workflow would make a handy tutorial. With special thanks to P.M. for the idea, here goes. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Making a Logo Transparent Using Sony Vegas You could do it in an image editing application, but why?
By Jeffrey P. Fisher One powerful reason to choose Sony Vegas as your NLE is how its myriad of tools let you to accomplish so many tasks directly inside the program. Id say that 90% of the time there is no need to employ other software. For example, a client gives you their logo graphic to place in a video project. Unfortunately, this logo has a white background instead of a transparent one and youd like to key it over video. But the white is in the way. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Looking Good with Sony Vegas Clients often ask editors to work miracles on their less than stellar video footage. Here are a few cures
By Jeffrey P. Fisher People want to look their best on camera. Usually theyd like a little smoothing out of facial features and hiding some minor imperfections. I turn to the Sony Vegas third-party Pixelan CreativEase BlurPro plug-in which includes some great preset effects ready for tweaking. The CE effects also work with other NLEs. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Placing Video Inside a Title with Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher Is your titling with Sony Vegas a bit blasť these days? Heres a technique that can bring some pizzazz to otherwise bland white letters on a background. Consider adding motion that appears inside the letters and compositing that over another video. Thats a powerful look that every Sony Vegas user should know how to do. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Fixing Incorrect White Balance using Sony Vegas Forgetting to white balance correctly is a common culprit
By Jeffrey P. Fisher Sometimes it seems there are no limits to what you can do in post-production. The tools in your typical NLE are amazing. Add in the bevy of third-party plug-ins and, well, let's just say it's a terrific time to be producing video content destined for DVDs, TV, the Web, and more. For this tutorial, Im using the Five Bikers.avi file that is on the media DVD disc included with the Sony Creative Software training book, Digital Video and Audio Production. For the newbie Vegas user, this resource is invaluable. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Hiding Unwanted Elements Using Sony Vegas No matter how diligent you are during production, sometimes unwanted element gets on your recording
By Jeffrey P. Fisher No matter how diligent you are during production, sometimes a product, face, name, logo, or other unwanted element gets on your recording. And since you need the shot, you are faced with trying to disguise or eliminate it. Adding pixilation or blur to the offending area is the typical approach. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Efficient Editing with Sony Vegas Vegas is quite flexible and often has two or three ways to accomplish the same end
By Jeffrey P. Fisher As a teacher, trainer, and consultant I see a lot of people using Sony Vegas and run across a myriad of working styles and approaches. Some people are quite adept at applying the tools while others get mired in old habits some bad and are reluctant to try new tactics. Vegas is quite flexible and often has two or three ways to accomplish the same end. However, while there are no wrong ways, there are better, faster, and more efficient methods to perform certain tasks. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Creative Titling Using Bezier Masking in Sony Vegas Sony Vegas can help you create unique titles if you move away from the basic presets
By Jeffrey P. Fisher Its a no-brainer to place white titles over video in Sony Vegas. Drag the Default text with its transparent alpha channel to the top track and place some video on a track below it. Done. But most of us would rather be a little more creative. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Under the Hood with Vegas: Understanding Preferences All good editing systems have a surprising level of flexibility that often goes unpublished
By Mike Jones As with all software editing systems, Vegas has a large array of adjustable and selectable preferences that control the way the application behaves and functions. Many of these can be left alone from installation and really don't need to be changed. However there are a number of preferences that can be adjusted to improve the performance of Vegas or to better suit the way you wish to work, the type of material you work with or the type of computer system you are running on. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Using Height Maps with Sony Vegas Using the Height Map compositing mode in Sony Vegas opens up a range of possibilities
By Jeffrey P. Fisher As video professionals, we are always looking for unique ways to present information. Titles especially lend themselves to interesting effects. And using the Height Map compositing mode in Sony Vegas opens up a range of possibilities. ...Read More »
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